Come Learn Skills, Not Just for Parenting, but for Life!

Have you ever struggled with modeling good behavior for your children? Do you know the difference between emotional and social intelligence? Self-awareness and self-improvement is tough work, so we’ve brought in The Folke Institute for Transformative Learning to host two different workshops on the subjects as a part of Family Academy: Courses and Training (FACT). On March 7 and March 27, The Folke Institute will be hosting a workshop called “Emotional Intelligence for Parents and Caregivers,” and on March 20, they will hold a session called “Skills for Difficult Conversations–Respect Driven Communication.” When asked why these two particular topics were chosen, Carrie Spell Hansson, Executive Director of The Folke Institute, shared that in our day and time, these are invaluable skills for parents and caregivers to practice.

In regards to the session about having difficult conversations, Ms. Spell Hansson explains that communication is very important in our relationships, and the key is to communicate effectively. This workshop will give people the tools to understand that there are multiple ways of communicating. Attendees will learn how to have conversations where you can get your point across as well as give the other person what they also need and want. In particular, this session will also teach families how they can communicate with their children. Ms. Spell Hansson explains that parents should explain and express themselves in a way that is genuine and clear for their kids. Parents also need to be the ones who model to their children how to communicate with others.

Ms. Spell Hansson explains that not only is intellectual intelligence important, but emotional and social intelligence should also be recognized and fostered. Emotional intelligence includes how to become more self-aware, how we present ourselves to others, and how to understand other people. Whether it’s with other adults or with our children, we need to be able to interact with many different types of people. This session will highlight the importance of having self-control in our emotions and learning how to express our feelings in healthy ways. It is an important skill for parents to know how to hold back their anger and not say things that they’ll regret. These processes will also teach children how to express themselves and think critically about themselves and others in healthy and constructive ways.

The Folke Institute values relationships and personal as well as corporate growth. Other than these two specific workshops, the organization hosts a variety of other seminars including a decision-making workshop that provides strategies for more effective decision-making and a communication course incorporating how to resolve conflicts. Ms. Spell Hansson encourages all parents and caregivers to participate in these upcoming FACT courses, highlighting the opportunity to and importance of parents “becoming the major supporters of their children’s dreams and visions.” She says that all children, even at a young age, have dreams and visions. She encourages all parents to get more involved in their children’s education in order to advocate for, encourage, and support their children. Support your and your child’s growth by joining us at these upcoming workshops!

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Register for the Folke Institute’s Upcoming Courses:

“Emotional Intelligence for Parents and Caregivers” at Whitman Library on March 7, 2019.

“Skills for Difficult Conversations–Respect Driven Communication” at 440 N Broad on March 20, 2019.

“Emotional Intelligence for Parents and Caregivers” at Holmesburg Library on March 27, 2019.