Samuel Fels High School Opens Brand New Family Resource Room

On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, school staff, students, administrators, and family members gathered at Samuel Fels High School to celebrate the brand-new opening of its Family Resource Room! Principal Lillian Izzard shared that the Resource Room is primarily a space for parents and family members to come to and take ownership of. This room was the joint effort of many people, including Ms. Nancy Torres, Fels’ School Improvement Support Liaison, and Ms. Maria Moore, Family Engagement Liaison. The space has various resources, handouts, and informational brochures, laptops and computers for families to use, and tables to meet, network, and connect with each other. The room had a warm opening with a ribbon cutting, the support of student ambassadors, cheerleaders, and the presence of various school staff. Even the Fels’ mascot, a blank panther, made a grand appearance!

Those who gathered to celebrate shared their visions and hopes for their students at Fels High School. Principal Izzard shared that increased family engagement is her vision for this school year, and she hopes that all family members of the Fels community will utilize the resource room. Overall, there was warmth and excitement as many stakeholders came together to celebrate the opening of this brand-new space for families to be welcomed into Fels!