Staying Active Can Keep A Child’s Mind and Body in Check!

Posted on January 27, 2020
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Physical activity and exercise can have positive effects for the whole family! Did you know that exercise and staying active is not only good for you physically but can also be good for you mentally and emotionally? For children, exercise and physical activity correlates with better concentration, improved behavior, and increased attention span. This means that more body movement can set children up for better academic success! For all family members including children, physical exertion can lead to improved moods, boosts in energy levels, and better sleep. These things can all greatly aid a child to focus better in school and take in the information that they learn. With this is mind, we want to promote healthy movement for all members of the family!

However, despite the need for physical activity, in these cold winter months it can be challenging to find ways to stay active with your family. Sometimes when it’s cold it can be hard to find motivation for you and your family to actively move about. We love this video from PhillyPowered and we hope it motivates you to get moving this year even during the cold winter months! You can also check out PhillyPowered’s website to search for upcoming fitness events near you. You and your whole family can keep one another accountable to attend some of these fitness events together. Let’s be encouraged to keep our bodies and our minds alert and active even during the cold season!

For Schools and Staff

It’s not only important for students to get exercise and physical activity at home, but students also need to move their bodies at school! Students who stay still and without movement for too long can lose focus and concentration on their schoolwork. School staff can get students moving by doing brain breaks in between lessons and intentionally breaking apart times of sitting still for too long. Another thing to be mindful of is having active indoor recess. Even a little bit of movement helps–studies have shown that brief physical activity breaks are associated with improved cognitive performance, classroom behavior, and educational outcomes! Check out these resources to get started today:

These resources can help to keep our students moving even during the school day. Let’s play a role to keep our students’ minds and bodies alert, active, and ready to learn in every season!

Written in colloboration with Eat Right Philly