Posted on January 31, 2023
Categories: Health & Wellness

Did you know there is a number you can call to talk to another person right away at any time about getting help when it comes to gun violence, or help with paying utilities, or even places where you can get clothing? The 211 hotline is provided through partnership between the City of Philadelphia and the United Way and can serve you and your community – just dial 211!

Our next FACT workshop will introduce you to the 211 hotline; you’ll learn about how it came to be and as well as all how 211 can connect you to so many resources for you and your neighborhood. Michael Waller, who works as Community Outreach Manager with the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey explained that the 211 hotline was created “as a response to the gun violence epidemic”. There’s resources for conflict resolution programs, intervention, counseling, and neighborhood mediation. But Michael also noted that there’s “over 10,000 support services as well.” If you’re unsure of where to turn to for help, dialing 211 is a good place to start. We’ll have Michael there to tell you more about 211 and all the services available for our District families and community members.

We’ll also have Leland Hendon present, who works as a Resource Navigator and speaks with callers when they dial into the hotline. Leland and Michael will walk you through the whole process of what happens when someone calls 211, will answer your questions about the hotline, and will give you a good picture of just how many services the hotline can refer you to for help. So, please join us for our latest FACT workshop; 211 is a stellar resource you can use or recommend to friends, family members, and neighbors alike. As Leland said, the whole point of this incredibly informative presentation is “To let people know they can call in and be dealt with confidently and efficiently, whether it’s gun violence or whatever they need resources with – there is help out there.”

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