Posted on March 31, 2023
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You’ve probably seen your teenager or young person in your life using social media on their phone – but how much do you know about protecting them while they are using it? Do you have a plan for how to stay safe online or know how to spot scams? In today’s digital world, we all have seen scams or even have had our information stolen online; it happens to so many people! That’s why for our latest FACT workshop, we’re looking at what is called “digital literacy”. When you know how to stay safe online and keep your family and information safe, you’re learning “digital literacy”.

And when it comes to all these digital scams and staying safe online, local non-profit Girls Inc.’s Meesh Cosares knows that this latest FACT workshop “is relevant for everyone, no matter your age or where you come from – people will try to take advantage of your lack of digital literacy.” That’s why we have partnered with Meesh and Girls Inc. to bring you a free introduction to digital literacy. You’ll learn about how to recognize when something isn’t correct on the internet or social media and how you can keep yourself and your family safe; we’ll also look at different questions you can ask if you’re worried about a digital scam and more. After all, Meesh explained that learning these skills and “having these resources is really important” when it comes to taking steps to making sure your family is safe online.

There is so much to learn when talking about spotting digital scams, that’s why Meesh will make sure families leave the workshop with “concrete steps and skills to recognize when something isn’t correct” and how you can keep yourself and your family safe. In the end, Meesh explained how important it is for “you, your kids, and everyone in your life to have access to this knowledge.” So please join us for a workshop that will help you and your family stay safe in today’s digital world.

This workshop will be presented by Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

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