Office of Federal Programs

Technical and Managerial Support

The Office of Federal Programs (OFP) works to make all grant programs as successful as possible by providing technical and managerial support to schools and program personnel. The OFP performs comprehensive program reviews that gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs. We look at the design and implementation of grants, review rule compliance, and, most importantly, monitor achievement in all our programs. Our careful scrutiny provides senior management and program personnel real-time feedback on changes to maintain and improve the best performance. The OFP is here to help personnel submit The School District of Philadelphia’s Consolidated Federal Grant Application with training and support. The Office also coordinates an annual Monitoring Visit by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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The information below is designed to aid those seeking information on the following federal programs and services:

Title I Law and Parental Involvement Components

Parental Involvement Best Practices for Schools

Parental Involvement Strategies and Barriers to Effective Engagement

Parental Involvement/Right to Know