Investments and Interventions

To achieve our vision of a great school close to where every student lives, we know some schools need more support so that children can have the learning opportunities they deserve. Through the System of Great Schools (SGS) process, we are able to bring those additional supports to schools with the goal of improving school quality faster.

How are this year’s focus schools receiving additional funding and support?

  • Add B. Anderson and James J. Sullivan will enter the District’s Acceleration Network.
  • Lewis Elkin and Philip Sheridan will develop an Academic Improvement Plan.

More information on the recommendation for each school can be found here, under “Recommendation Meeting Materials.” Watch the video below to hear more from school communties about their experiences with System of Great Schools.

How are schools selected?

Each year, the District reviews performance at all schools and, based on this data, selects a set of schools to prioritize. To better understand individual school needs, central office and the school community work together to gather information on school strengths, challenges, and ways to improve. Schools that have been identified for more funding and support are referred to as focus schools.

What defines a focus school?

Schools are designated as focus schools because they meet two criteria:

  1. The three year SPR average for the school is less than or equal to 20 out of 100.
  2. The school does not already have a major intervention in place (such as the Acceleration Network, School Redesign Initiative, etc…)

How is each school community involved?

The District works with each school community to identify their school’s biggest strengths and needs.  This community input helps the District determine what kinds of funding and support will make the biggest impact on school performance for students.  We want your help.

Each school hosted a community kickoff meeting in September to share details on the process and provided opportunities for feedback from September through November. A summary of feedback can be found here.