Posted on February 8, 2019
Categories: Insights with the Board

I’ve worked closely with school counselors in times of celebration and in times of tragedy in schools. Day-to-day counselors provide guidance and support to hundreds of children by removing obstacles to academic success and helping students grow to be the best versions of themselves. Counselors routinely help students make informed choices about the future by guiding them through selecting high school programs and supporting them and their families through the college admission process.

Counselors also play a large role in the emotional wellbeing of our children. In the darkest of days in the life of a child, school counselors provide support and give of themselves to help us all move in a positive direction.

We are extremely grateful for our dedicated counselors who make great contributions to the children entrusted to their care and to the life off our schools and school district.  Thank you!

-Board member, Dr. Christopher McGinley