Board of Education Approves Resolution Calling for State and Federal Funding of Public Education

Posted on May 1, 2020
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Joining districts across the nation, The Board of Education has approved a resolution calling on governors and state legislators to preserve state funding for public education and asking Congressional delegations to advocate for additional federal funding for public education.

Board members consider this a critical resolution for public education in Philadelphia, as the district has gone from a position of hard-earned financial stability to one of deep uncertainty with a billion dollar deficit looming in the next five years. The Board is urging parents, teachers and community members to advocate for public education funding.

“We ask that everyone stand together to protect public education in Philadelphia from devastating funding cuts due to the COVID-19 crisis,” said Board President Joyce Wilkerson. “We must all call on our elected officials to maintain state funding levels at the 2019-2020 levels and to ensure that federal funding through the CARES Act supplements state funding but does not replace it.”

Specifically, the Board is asking everyone in the education community to contact Gov. Wolf and state legislators to ask them to keep Philadelphia schools whole by keeping state funding for education at 2019-2020 levels and by allowing districts to use all federal funding to help alleviate local revenue losses. In particular, it is critical that the district receive federal CARES Act funding for education which is meant to help districts respond to the financial impact of COVID-19.

“This funding and any additional federal funding for education is essential to allowing districts and schools to get through the next two years,” said President Wilkerson. “This federal funding is going to come to us through the state. Tell our governor and state representatives that it is essential that they allow schools and districts to use these dollars to respond to local challenges. Our state officials cannot let these dollars be used to replace regular state funding.”

To learn more about the Call for State and Federal Funding of Public Education Resolution, please visit the Board’s website at and click on Meeting Materials to view the April 30 meeting agenda.


About the Board of Education

The Board of Education is the governing body responsible for overseeing all policies and budgetary decisions of the School District of Philadelphia. Additionally, the Board of Education serves as the authorizer for all charter schools in Philadelphia. The Board is made up of nine Board Members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.