Board Postpones Hearing as Communities Process Events and Begin to Heal

Posted on June 2, 2020
Categories: Blog, Insights with the Board

At this moment, when our schools, city, and country are experiencing the impact of generational trauma and suffering, suffering which has most critically impacted the Black community, Board Members want to respect this time for our school communities as a moment to process events and to begin healing. We believe that the trauma our students, teachers, families and staff are experiencing makes a scheduled hearing inappropriate at this time. Therefore, the Board of Education is postponing the Public Hearing, originally scheduled for Thursday, June 4.

At this point in history, we find ourselves wondering how we begin to shift centuries of racism, discrimination and prejudice. And how we can use the anger, frustration and collective resolve as fuel for change.

We must challenge ourselves as a Board, a School District, parents, advocates and community members. We must focus on moving the needle of equity by providing every Philadelphia student with the skills and experiences they need to live the life of their choice. We must move with haste to push forward an agenda that ensures that every child receives the education that will equip them to forge a better tomorrow in a just society. This will require difficult conversations that reflect this urgency. We look forward to having this critical dialogue with our community and are keeping everyone in our thoughts and prayers.