The Board Will Try a Hybrid Approach to its Aug. 13th Meeting

Posted on August 10, 2020
Categories: Blog, Insights with the Board

While the new school year will begin with remote learning, Board members look forward to the time when students and teachers can safely return to their classrooms and when Board members and the public can also safely return to district headquarters for Board meetings. We know that getting back to in-person learning will require significant work from our entire school community, as we all learn how to best teach students while also carrying out the critical health mandates that will keep learning safe.

For the Board, we believe it is critical to begin coming back in person in order to stand in solidarity with our school communities as you navigate this challenging process. To do this, the Board will try a hybrid approach to its joint meeting on Aug.13th at 4 p.m for the Student Achievement and Support Committee and the Finance and Facilities Committee.

Keeping with public health guidelines, Board members will meet in person with key staff who will give presentations on agenda items. Additional staff and registered speakers will join the meeting via teleconference, due to social distancing requirements that limit the number of people permitted to gather in the Board’s meeting room.

While there will be challenges in implementing this hybrid meeting protocol, the Board looks forward to meeting again in person; and once social distancing requirements are lifted, to having members of our school communities also attend in person.

Board members greatly appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to develop best practices for holding public meetings during this challenging time. We look forward to your feedback!

Finally, board members also want to thank the many employees who have already begun reporting to work in person and who may have been doing this since March in order to perform vital functions in our facilities and for our students.