Meet Toluwanimi Olaleye, Your New Student Board Rep! 

Posted on August 28, 2020
Categories: Blog, Insights with the Board

Toluwanimi Olaleye and Keylisha J. Diaz will be formally installed on September 17th as the new Student Board Representatives for the 2020-20201 school year.

Toluwanimi Olaleye, a junior at Carver Engineering and Science, described as passionate and determined, loves biology and is an aspiring pediatric oncologist. She currently participates in the Junior Fellows Program, hosted by the Philadelphia College of Physicians, for students interested in careers in healthcare and medicine. Toluwanimi, who received Carver’s Freshman of the Year Award in 2019, hopes to begin her college journey at Johns Hopkins University.

Toluwanimi believes the environment, opportunities and community at her school are a true blessing, and she would like to share them with younger students at neighboring elementary and middle schools, so they are aware of the academic opportunities nearby. Determined to make the world a better place, Toluwanimi notes, “I always say that children are the future of the world, but how are we supposed to have a bright future when the younger ones don’t know what is out there?”

She explains that as the oldest child in her house, she tries to set a good example for her siblings and would like to be a role model for younger students as well, making sure they take advantage of all opportunities. “As a Student Board Representative, I would like to work towards helping the future generation,” Toluwanimi says.

Toluwanimi enjoys playing volleyball for Carver; and when the season ends, she plays for

Starlings Volleyball Club. She also volunteered for the Broad Street Run in 2019 with the Starlings, and participated in Philly Reading Coaches when she was in eighth grade.

“As a Student Board Representative, I would like to continue to bridge the gap between adults and students and contribute to an increase in mental health awareness within schools,” Toluwanimi says.