Board of Education Appoints New Members of the Parent and Community Advisory Council to Serve Two-Year Terms

Posted on August 31, 2021
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At its August 19th Action Meeting, the Board of Education will appoint new members of the Parent and Community Advisory Council (PCAC) who will serve two-year unpaid terms, beginning August 31, 2021.  PCAC serves as a bridge between the city’s school communities and the Board of Education with council members sharing critical information on Board work with their networks while communicating the concerns of their school communities to the Board.

The new members are: Jameika Id-Deen, Walette Carter, Tierra Rich, Horace Clouden, Quibila Divine, Jennifer Fisher, Georgia Kiouski, Michael Gorman, Orien Smith Warren, Crystal Green Porter, Najmah Ryan, Tracy Joslyn, Evelyn Reed and Marilyn Rodriguez. Rev. Chandra Williams will begin a third term while Christiana Uy and Elyse Castillo will complete their second term.

“The Parent and Community Advisory Council provides an excellent opportunity for the Board to engage with our school communities and has offered helpful feedback and guidance to the Board on vital work, such as the development of Goals & Guardrails,” said Board President Joyce S. Wilkerson.

In fact, last year the Board held focus groups with PCAC to seek the community’s input on the Board’s new strategic plan, Goals & Guardrails. The community feedback helped the Board prioritize student achievement for the  Goals and led directly to Guardrail 3 which prioritizes parent and guardian engagement and encourages them to be partners in their child’s school community.

PCAC members represent diverse stakeholders throughout Philadelphia, including parents and caregivers, community members, educators and faith-based leaders. Council members champion public education and promote city-wide engagement with the Board and School District with a focus on Goals & Guardrails, the Board’s five-year plan to increase student achievement and success. Council members meet regularly with Board members, submit community questions on policy and host Community Conversation sessions that encourage public input in the Board’s decision-making process.

“As a former member of the inaugural Parent and Community Advisory Council, I am excited to serve as the Board Member Liaison to this new ensemble of individuals made up of strong and passionate individuals who care about the communities they serve,” said Board Member Cecelia Thompson. “The energy and perspectives they will bring to the Board from their communities will assist in the academic and social success of our precious students in our schools.”

To serve on the Council, which is mandated by the Home Rule Charter, members must be Philadelphia residents, at least 18 years old, who are affiliated with a district or charter school and who are dedicated to supporting public schools.

“We look forward to working with the Council’s new members and engaging in critical conversations that drive student success and achievement across the city,” President Wilkerson said.