Student Board Reps Connect with Students in the City and Beyond

Posted on February 4, 2022
Categories: Blog

Since the school year began, Student Board Representatives Rebecca Allen and Armando Ortez have been connecting with students in the city and across the country to gain insight on student concerns. For instance, early last fall Rebecca and Armando attended the Superintendent’s Advisory Board meeting where high school students shared their feelings about transitioning from remote to in-person learning.

Also, along with several previous student Board reps, Armando and Rebecca attended the virtual Council of Great City Schools’ 65th Fall Conference. During a panel discussion, they stressed the importance of student voice on the Board of Education. “We advocated for student board representatives in school district governance and encouraged those in attendance to implement similar initiatives in their districts,” Rebecca said.

The students have also been engaging with students on the Superintendent Search. In late October, Armando participated in a “listening session,” hosted by UrbEd Advocates, to urge district students to participate in the search process.

“During the meeting, I encouraged students to share their thoughts and ideas on what they hope to see in the next superintendent of our district,” Armando said. He added that students said they would like the next superintendent to engage with students, to understand Philadelphia’s culture and to support student concerns regarding achievement, safety and school policing.

Finally, at the December action meeting, the Student Board Reps advocated for extending translation services throughout the school district. “Armando and I feel that it is especially important that the Board pass Action Item 30 (regarding an interpretation and translation services contract) because translation services are a vital tool for families to support the education of their children,” Rebecca said during the meeting.

Armando and Rebecca invite students to reach out with their concerns by emailing: