The Board Begins Second Year of Progress Monitoring of Goals and Guardrails

Posted on February 4, 2022
Categories: Blog

In January, the Board began its second year of progress monitoring of Goals & Guardrails, the Board’s five-year plan to increase student achievement. Goals are related to academic achievement and college and career readiness, while Guardrails are the conditions that must exist in schools to support student achievement.

The Board has invested significant time each month in monitoring student outcomes and has developed monitoring tools to track progress on improvement strategies. The Board also adopted an annual budget last year that provided support for student needs, identified by reviewing data in Goals & Guardrails progress monitoring sessions.

“Goals & Guardrails have allowed us to set clear expectations for student success, monitor progress towards those expectations, and adopt a budget and policies that provide support based on the needs of our students,” said Board President Joyce S. Wilkerson.

Board Members and School District leaders also completed a self-assessment following the first six months of progress monitoring. Assessment results suggested an opportunity to better understand the role of governance versus management in the progress monitoring of Goals & Guardrails. There is also a need to identify communication tactics and structures that will include regular updates on implementation strategies.

“The Board is interested in clearly defining its role as the governing body in the monitoring process and developing a framework for more effective use of monthly monitoring time,” said President Wilkerson.

Check out monthly Goals & Guardrails monitoring reports here.