The Board Continues to Focus on Goals & Guardrails to Raise Student Achievement

Posted on October 17, 2022
Categories: Blog, Insights with the Board

The Board has been monitoring the progress of Goals & Guardrails, our plan to raise student achievement, for nearly two years. This monitoring has helped the Board identify our students’ needs and then invest in targeted strategies and resources.

In the first 20 months of monitoring progress toward achieving our Goals & Guardrails, the Board made significant system-wide investments. In the first year of progress monitoring, the Board made three significant system-wide investments:

  • One: The District implemented a new culturally and linguistically inclusive curriculum for both K-8 literacy and math;
  • Two: We redesigned the District’s approach to professional development and learning opportunities for our educators, which has led to more learning opportunities and time to practice those newly developed skills;
  • Three: The District implemented the Multi-Tiered System of Supports framework which is a standards-aligned, comprehensive framework for improving academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes for all students. This strategy ensures that every student has access to grade-level instruction and is given the necessary resources and interventions they need.

In the second year of implementing Goals & Guardrails, the Board has continued to support these investments along with those designed to boost progress on our academic goals. Some examples include:

  • Summer school programming and partnerships with external providers for before- and after-school care;
  • Increased number of psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, Special Education teachers, English as a Second Language teachers and bilingual counseling assistants;
  • Funding to maintain the District’s 1:1 technology policy with access to a Chromebook for every student.

Learn more about our monthly Goals & Guardrails monitoring reports here.