Board Monitors Progress on Achieving Goals & Guardrails

Posted on January 30, 2023
Categories: Blog, Insights with the Board

At its January 26th Action Meeting, the Board of Education held an end-of-year update on the Goals & Guardrails progress monitoring sessions held in 2022. Last year, the Board monitored progress for all five academic Goals and all four Guardrails. As a reminder, Goals & Guardrails is the Board’s five-year strategic plan to raise student achievement. The five academic Goals focus on reading, math and college and career readiness. The Guardrails set the conditions that are necessary for learning. They call for:

Welcoming and supportive schools,
Enriching and well rounded school experiences,
Partnering with parents/family members, and
Addressing racist practices.

In December, the Board monitored progress toward achieving Guardrail 3: Every parent and guardian will be welcomed and encouraged to be partners in their child’s community. The Board reviewed two performance indicators for this Guardrail.

The first indicator, which is the percentage of schools with a high “Relationship Score” on the  Overall District Wide Survey was off track. Progress on the Guardrail was hampered by a low survey participation rate by schools. In addition, 75 schools are within one point of meeting the high relationship score.

Regarding the second performance indicator, which is the percentage of schools that have a School Advisory Council (SAC) that meets four or more times in one year, the School District is on track to meeting its target of 100% in the 2025-2026 school year.

You can read all of our monthly Goals & Guardrails progress monitoring reports here.