The Board of Education Looks Forward to Implementation of the New Strategic Plan

Posted on May 25, 2023
Categories: News, Press Releases

The Board of Education is excited that the School District of Philadelphia has a proposed Strategic Plan that aims to provide every learner with the opportunity to achieve positive life outcomes.

“I truly believe that every child can learn and every learner can be taught,” said Board President Reginald L. Streater, Esq. “Yes, the Board understands that there are certain barriers to success in the current and future lives of our learners, but we believe that a quality education gives our learners the tools necessary to matriculate the gauntlet of life toward self-determination, dignity, and full potential.”

The Board believes this can be done with a laser focus on a student-centered approach to education, predicated on values such as equity, accountability, safety and respect.

The Board has come a long way from 2018 when the SRC ended and a new Board of Education was formed, to December 2020 when the Board adopted Goals and Guardrails, to June 2022 when a new Superintendent was appointed.

The consideration of a Strategic Plan in the Spring of 2023 will be the culmination of this journey and will help us deliver on Goals and Guardrails, the Board’s true North Star that keeps us laser-focused on student achievement.

The Strategic Plan is also the result of many months of hard work and collaboration among the Leadership Team, the Steering Committee and Advisory Groups, and the Board is grateful to everyone who invested their time, energy and passion into developing this critically important Strategic Plan that will prepare our learners to realize their dreams. Thank you to all whose sweat equity lines the pages of the Strategic Plan.

“As I have said before, a quality education should not only be considered a civil right, but also a human right,” said Board President Streater. “Without a quality education, too many of our learners will be destined to a life in which their dreams, aspirations and potential will not be realized. I believe that the Strategic Plan will take us in the right direction so that when we ask each other, as the Masai do, “How are the children?” collectively, the village can answer resoundingly in the affirmative.”