The Board of Education Appoints Peng Chao Chief of the Charter Schools Office

Posted on October 13, 2023
Categories: News, Press Releases

The School District of Philadelphia Board of Education has appointed  Peng Chao as the permanent Chief of Charter Schools. During the past two years, Mr. Chao has served as Acting Chief of Charter Schools and has demonstrated his leadership, commitment and passion to this work.

Mr. Chao is uniquely positioned to lead this work through his personal and professional experiences. In addition to his leadership of the Charter Schools Office (CSO) over the last two years, he has served in roles across the CSO since 2013, spanning the areas of operations, turnaround, engagement, and accountability. As a result of his work here in Philadelphia, Mr. Chao has gained national recognition as a thought leader on topics spanning the authorizing profession and as a leader in public education that has a critical role in shaping the future of equity and excellence.

“Mr. Chao’s elevation to Chief of Charter Schools is the culmination of his continued commitment to leadership focused on steering the CSO to be the ever evolving partner, resource, and dependable professional office that it aspires to be under what has been a challenging environment, including, but not limited to, the pandemic,” said Board of Education President Reginald L. Streater, Esq.

As a former District and charter school teacher, Mr. Chao’s foundational beliefs about public education are rooted in the establishment of safe spaces for students and the delivery of high-quality, mission-driven instruction. In alignment with these beliefs, the Board has directed him to continue to work with all charter schools to ensure that our system of schools provides wide-ranging options and opportunities for all of our students. “We are confident that he will continue to advance our shared vision for student success in his new role as Chief of Charter Schools,” Board President Streater said.