School Safety Directives

School Safety Officers are also required to know, comply, and follow the following directives.

Directive 1: Responsibilities of Functions of School Police Radio; Addendums #1, #2 and #3.

Directive 2: Patrol Division

Directive 3: Handcuffs

Directive 4: Use of Baton

Directive 5: Legal Authority

Directive 6: Suggestion Program

Directive 7: Right, Duty and Opportunity to Present Complaints or Information

Director 8: Truancy

Directive 9: Pepper Spray – Olepresin Capsicum Spray

Directive 10: Safe Operation of Patrol Vehicles

Directive 11: Responsibility at Crime Scene

Directive 12: Personal Data

Directive 13: Bomb scares, Explosive Devices and Explosions

Directive 14: Patrol Log

Directive 15: Commendations Directive

Directive 16: Incident Report (EH-31, SP-16)

Directive 17: Injury on Duty

Directive 18: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Directive 19: Absence Policy

Directive 20: Proper Attire and Appearance, Addendums 1 and 2.

Directive 21: School Police Training

Directive 22: Release of Info to News Media

Directive 23: Trespassing Ordinance and Arrest of Trespassers

Directive 24: School closings/inclement weather

Directive 25: Emergency Response Directive

Directive 26: SPO Substance Abuse and Drug Testing

Directive 27: Hazardous Material Incidents

Directive 28: Vandalism, Theft and graffiti

Directive 29: Deaths – Natural and/or Sudden

Directive 3O: Search and Seizure

Directive 31: Dismissal Pickup/Unattended Children

Directive 32: Court Notices and Subpoenas

Directive 33: Soft Body Armor


Directive 35: Disciplinary Procedure

Directive 36: Officers Code of Conduct

Directive 37: Use of Force Continuum