Where can I find my school budget?

You can access your school budget in two ways, each presenting that information from different perspectives.

Advantage System- FAVS or “Funds Available by Org & Appr Unit Summary Inquiry” screen

After you input an organization code and browse the data the screen will display the unobligated funding for each of the appropriation units in your organization. Note that appropriation units are collections of related budget lines so you aren’t seeing the spent and unspent amounts on specific lines, but rather the total of those lines. To see current, obligated, and unobligated amounts for one appropriation unit, use FAVD or “Funds Available by Org & Appr Unit Detail Inquiry” screen. FAVS is recommended for getting a top level view of a budget.

Advantage Reports

You can access through your employee portal. Advantage Reports has several useful reports, but the “Appropriation Summary/Ledger Detail” is the most useful for viewing your budget. After inputting a specific Fund, Agency, and Org combination for a given year and clicking view, Advantage Reports presents a top level summary of the appropriation units related to that combination. In Advantage reports, you can see a detailed summary of the Dates, Document Ids, and Comments related to the allocations and obligations for a given group of lines by clicking on the appropriate unit. Please note that Advantage Reports has a one day lag in data from  the Advantage system. Therefore, Advantage Reports is recommended for getting an easier view of your budget, but note that it will not yet have any changes made that day in the Advantage System.

I’m having trouble using Advantage. Help!

There are two interfaces for Advantage: GUI and IBM. The most up to date manuals and tutorials for both are provided on the System Administrative Unit’s website.

I want to move money for office depot and school specialty or make a purchase order. How do I do this?

The Procurement Office handles office depot, school specialty, and purchase orders. Reach out to one of our Procurement Managers for assistance.

What can summer reorg be used for?

The purpose of Summer Reorg funds is for the registration, rostering, and reorganization of a school’s student population for the new school year. Elementary schools are provided funding 10 days of Secretary work; Middle and High Schools are provided funding for 10 days of Secretary work and 10 days of Roster Chair work.

Summer Reorg is not allocated for any other positions. Summer Reorganization days (10 days) and Professional Development days (10 days) for Principals/Assistant Principals (10 months) is NOT included in the Summer Reorganization allotment; the funding is provided in a central budget code.

Any difference between the budgeted amount and the amount spent may NOT be used for other purposes.

How is prep payback handled?

Prep Payback is the process to pay SDP teachers for lost prep coverages that were not made up during the school year. Principals are sent instructions and forms in the fall and again in May of each school year. The principal must verify lost preps and record the information on the form with the requested payment option for the lost preps. The payment can be made in cash, personal leave time, or a combination of the two. The forms are submitted to The Office of Management and Budget for verification. Prep Payback payments are usually processed in late August.

What is the process for trading off a vacancy or changing a position?

The principal should first contact School Based Resource Support (SRS) in Talent to request the change and to verify that the change is allowable. If there are savings, the principal should also indicate to which line they want the savings transferred. Following this chain of communication speeds up the process.

The savings/cost of a position are prorated by month. This means that according to the month, a prorated amount of the position’s value will go back into a school’s budget or will be charged to the school’s budget. This is done to reflect the costs or savings that position has incurred since the start of the school year.

The following is the proration schedule:

September to October – 100% allowed
November – 80% allowed
December – 70% allowed
January – 60% allowed
February – 50% allowed
March – 40% allowed
April – 30% allowed
May – 20% allowed
0% allowed in June

How do I change and/or cancel an encumbrance?

A service contract encumbrance (SC) can be changed, canceled, or approved with a written request to the Office of Management and Budget. Please take a look at our Contact Page.

Can I obligate funds this year for services next year?

Schools can use current funds if the services are rendered this year. If the services will be delivered next year, the cost is in the next fiscal year and cannot be paid with current year funds.

How do I calculate benefits for non-full time positions transfers?

To arrive at the total amount for part-time salary transfers, we multiply the salary amount by a given variable benefits rate. We then take that benefit cost and add it to the salary amount to arrive at the total cost of service.

The variable benefits rate changes year to year and is available in the Guide to School Budgets. When asking for a transfer for part-time salaries (overtime, extra-curricular, etc.), the principal should request a total amount that’s inclusive of benefits.