Quick Budget Facts

2019-2020 Adopted Operating Budget

  • Operating Budget includes a $3.3 billion revenue budget and a $3.4 billion expenditure budget
  • Funding is provided by the State (51%), City (48%), and Federal Government and Other Sources (1%)
  • State: $1.72 Billion
  • Local: $1.60 Billion
  • Federal & Other Sources: $19 Million
  • The District spends the majority of its budget directly on District (52%), Charter (33%), and other Non-District schools (3%), with the remainder of the budget spent on Debt Service (9%) and District Administration (3%)
  • District Operated Schools: $1.77 Billion
  • Charter Schools: $1.10 Billion
  • Debt: $293 Million
  • Non-District Operated Schools: $104 Million
  • Admin: $118 Million

2019-20 Adopted Operating Budget

  • New investments introduced focus on: expanding our K-3 literacy model to grades 4 and 5, building a strong foundation to improve math teaching and learning, strengthening college- and career-readiness supports for students, and adding more services and supports in schools to help all learners succeed

Significant Fiscal Achievements

  • Investments: Continuing to maintain and expand upon the investment plan introduced in 2016 focused on literacy and college and career readiness
  • Recurring Revenues: Maintaining the cigarette tax and State reimbursement revenues, and obtaining new Rideshare revenue, all due to State statutory changes
  • Positive Fund Balance:  Projecting to end 2018-19 with a positive fund balance, the fifth consecutive year of a positive fund balance
  • Multiple Bond Rating Upgrades: Upgrades in our fiscal outlook by both Moody’s and Fitch, the District’s first updates since 2010. The most recent update to a Baa3 represents the first time Moody’s has assigned an “Investment Grade” rating for the School District since 1977
  • Refunding Savings: Completing a successful bond refunding in November 2016, which will result in over $100 million in debt service savings over the next 20 years
  • Updated Processes: More streamlined and user-friendly school budget and leveling processes