Whom to Contact for What

The Finance Office consists of multiple departments, with each department providing various and different supports to schools and offices.

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Accounting Control & Compliance Monitor (ACCM)

ACCMs work with schools to reconcile their student activity fund, enter purchasing documents and receivers in Oracle, complete the principal transition manual, and provide technical assistance and training regarding accounting and financial policies and procedures compliance.

Grants Compliance Monitor (GCM)

GCMs work with school leaders and grant program managers to ensure that grants are managed properly and that government funds are consistently utilized across offices and schools in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws and regulations, specific grant terms and conditions, and using best practices.

Grant Fiscal Services Analyst

Grants Fiscal Analysts work with central offices and schools to provide financial management and reporting support in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, and specific grant terms and conditions. Grant analysts also help determine District grant allocations and provide support and technical assistance to program managers regarding budgets, fiscal reporting, and funding projections.

Office of Management and Budget Analyst

OMB Analysts provide financial management services and reporting support to central offices and schools to ensure budget alignment to individual schools/offices and overall District anchor goals. OMB Analysts assist with guidance and assistance of Operating allocations through providing technical support with regard to budget adjustments, spend analysis, financial planning and reporting.