School Administrators

OMB provides a number of services to school administrators focused around the proper utilization of financial resources. Take a look at our contact list and reach out to your analyst for support. Our services include:

Operating Budget Transfers

Movement of funding from one line item to another.

Opening Operating Budget Lines

Creation of expense and budget lines.

Enabling OT, EC, and PD Pay

Enabling EBARs , approving forms, and calculating benefits.

School Budget Process

Assisting with the Spring School Budget Meeting.

Summer Reorg

Set up and enabling of payment for Summer Reorganization (Rostering/Scheduling/Registration).

Position Trade-offs & Job Requisition Approval

Reconciliation of position moves with funding.

Review & Approval of Action Items

Financial review and approval of action items.

General Reporting

Creation of  regular and ad hoc budgetary reports.