Boiler Plant Replacement at Mastbaum

School: Jules E. Mastbaum High School

Construction Budget: $3,479,000


The goal of this project is to improve the indoor air quality at the school. This entails removing the 5 existing defunct boilers from the basement and installing a new mechanical system including new boilers, unit ventilators, temperature controls, air handling units, and all related pipes. All fans will be repaired as well.

Design Firm: Gannet Fleming
Design Project Manager: Jerry Lamina
Construction Project Manager: Frank Ratka
Project Inspector: Robert Baldwin

General Contractor: Murphy Quigley Construction Inc.
Mechanical Contractor: GEM Mechanical Services, Inc.
Electrical Contractor: McGoldrick Electric Company, Inc.

New boiler plant.


Project Start

457 DAYS

Project Duration

DECEMBER 4, 2020

Project Completion


Construction Budget


Construction Progress: 90%

Jules E. Mastbaum High School

Environmental Results

11/04/19 – Abatement of the boiler room began this week, and results will be provided as soon as they are avaiable.