Restoration to Health Sabbatical Leave

EHS assists employees who may need to request a sabbatical leave for the purpose of restoration to health.


  • Professional employees and members of the supervisory, instructional or administrative staff are eligible for sabbatical leave after the completion of ten years of satisfactory service in the public schools of the state.
  • Applicants for a restoration to health sabbatical are required to provide documentation from their attending physician including an appropriate specialist. Such documentation must include all dates of treatment, type of treatment, and a current medical report.
  • A restoration to health sabbatical can be granted at any time during the school year for an equivalent period of one-half school year.
  • The purpose of the sabbatical leave cannot be changed once the leave has begun; however, emergency situations will be considered upon written notice to Human Resources.
  • During a restoration to health sabbatical leave, employees receive one-half of their regular salary. Employees are entitled to the same medical, health and life insurance benefits as active employees and the same retirement deductions will occur.
  • During a restoration to health sabbatical leave, employees may not engage in a remunerative occupation other than that which could have been performed while in active service.
  • If an employee is unable to return to school service at the end of the half school year of a restoration to health sabbatical because of illness or physical disability, the employee may be entitled to a further leave for one half school term or its equivalent upon written request prior to the expiration of the original leave.