Coronavirus FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Our District, like many others across the country, continues to work through the implications of COVID-19 (coronavirus) for our schools, families, and community. The School District of Philadelphia recognizes that students, families and employees may have questions about a wide variety of subjects as a result of the District-wide closure due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding access to healthy meals, teaching and learning, facilities maintenance and other topics can be found below.

Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we take time to work things through thoughtfully and with the best interests of all children in mind. This site will be updated regularly so visit often for the latest information. Please take care and stay safe!

Are healthy meals available for students while schools are closed?

Yes. The School District of Philadelphia, several charter schools, and the Philadelphia Housing Authority are coordinating with the City’s Office of Children and Families to provide free, nutritious grab-and-go meals for all Philadelphia children and youth at 80 locations throughout the city. Forty-nine of the sites are School District of Philadelphia buildings.

Who qualifies for these meals?

All children and youth are eligible for free meals and no ID is required.

When and where can I pick up meals?

Grab-and-go meals for our students will continue to be available across the City. In an effort to further support the City’s shelter-in-place guidance, minimize social interactions and help flatten the coronavirus curve, distribution at our 49 District school sites will be shifting to one day per week.

Every Thursday, beginning April 23, from 9 a.m. to noon, you will be able to pick up a box of 5 breakfast meals, five lunch meals and a ½ gallon of milk for each student in your family. Each box weighs six pounds so we encourage you to bring a wheeled cart or some other way to easily carry the boxes if you are picking up meals for multiple students in your household. Social distancing, the use of masks and gloves, and other safety efforts will continue to be practiced to ensure everyone’s safety as meals are distributed.  Thank you for supporting this important safety effort.

Grab-and-go meals locations and pickup times sites for all Philadelphia students remains listed HERE.

More information about all meal distribution sites, including an interactive map of meal sites, can be found at and

Does each child have to be physically present at the meal site to receive the 6 meals per child? Can a mother of six school-aged children pick up 36 meals without any of her children present?

Children do not have to be present at the meal distribution sites. Family members can pick up enough meals for all children in their households. Given the numbers of meals being provided, we strongly encourage families to bring a backpack or reusable bag with them to carry the items.

Is the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) an option?

Yes. Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) provides nutrition benefits to families who have lost access to free or reduced-price school meals because schools are closed. Eligible students and families will receive money on a new or existing EBT card to help fill the school meals gap. The average benefit will be approximately $365. The learn more about P-EBT and determine whether you and your family are eligible, click here.

How were the grab-and-go meal sites selected?

The School District and the City collaborated to intentionally and thoughtfully select sites that could conveniently serve everyone in Philadelphia. We worked to ensure that:

  • we accounted for population density and walkability so that there was a site that was close and convenient to everyone.
  • the sites had cafeterias located on the first floor so that we would be able to safely and easily transport food without having to travel up and down stairs.
  • the sites were equipped with the proper refrigeration and freezers to ensure the quality and prevent the waste of the large amounts of food that we intend to provide.

How is the food being served with safety in mind?

Each of the 49 School District grab-and-go sites is staffed by food services employees who are trained in proper hygiene and cleanliness practices. In addition to following the social distancing and hygiene recommendations from health experts including covering your mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and regular hand washing, they are also required to wear appropriate food service attire including hairnets and gloves. All food serving stations and surfaces are regularly sanitized using a disinfectant solution that is proven effective against coronavirus, and sanitizing wipes and gel is used in all packing and distribution areas.

How can I donate food or money for food?

The School District of Philadelphia is grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support to help provide healthy meals for students while schools are closed. We ask that all food and monetary donations for food be directed to Philabundance at

Can my child and I still communicate with my child’s teachers?

Absolutely. Remote office hours for teachers, school counselors and the school nurse are posted on each school’s website. We encourage you to connect with each of them as needed to support your child’s learning and well-being at home.

Additionally, we are encouraging our teachers to stay connected with their students to ensure the special relationships they share are maintained during the closure. Teachers will continue to:

  • encourage student use of the Learning Guides and promote their availability online and at School District meal distribution sites
  • post/share additional online learning resources with students and families that are self-guided
  • be available via email, phone, or other platforms (Google classroom, Infinite Campus, Class Dojo) to voluntarily answer student and family questions and support their learning
  • ensure students have access to the Student Portal, Google Classroom, email, and selected online programs, interventions and curriculum supplements

How will the District provide educational support for students while schools are closed?

We cannot replace the personalized instruction that our teachers offer in the classroom. Teaching is an art and a science. It takes years of college study, mentoring, collegiality, and professional development to perfect instructional practice. While in-classroom instruction cannot be replaced, we are fully committed to ensuring every student has an opportunity to engage in learning while schools are closed.

The District is currently making decisions and planning based on guidance from the state and federal governments.  That guidance sometimes changes from day to day. Based on the most recent guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education, the District is not providing mandatory, formal, graded instruction due to equity and technology considerations. Our students have differing levels of instructional needs, access to the internet and technology, and family responsibilities while schools are closed. This guidance could certainly change as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

However, the School District is still providing optional educational supports for all students while schools are closed. We are focused on trying to provide educational support that as many families and children can access and benefit from as possible. Right now, we have made math, English Language Arts, science and social studies Learning Guides (LGs) available for every grade level. The guides are aligned to areas that were already taught to students during this school year, and parents and students can select the ones that work best for them. In addition, on April 20, the District will launch a Digital Learning Plan for all students which will provide a free Chromebook for every K-12 student who needs one for learning at home and digital learning resources to help students retain, learn and apply skills and strategies with the support of a teacher.

Students may also sign in or create accounts to use Khan Academy, Naviance, and other resources, such as:


All of these resources are supplemental to communications and support from your child’s regular teacher(s).

What is the District's Digital Learning Plan?

The Digital Learning Plan includes:

  • a free loaner Chromebook for every K-12 student who needs one for learning at home
  • free or low cost internet to families that need it (details are in the works, but families can visit for a current list of free WiFi hotspots)
  • digital learning resources to help students retain, learn and apply skills and strategies with the support of a teacher
  •  free online tutorials for families for platforms such as Google Classroom
  • professional development for teachers who will be using digital learning tools to provide review, enrichment activities and planned instruction for students until schools reopen

The Digital Learning Plan will start in full on April 20th. Until then, families should continue to make use of the Learning Guides.

Where can I find the Digital Learning Plan resources?

An Early Childhood Toolkit for PreK families and lesson materials for all subjects and grade levels for K-12 families is available on our Digital Learning Activities webpage at New K-12 materials will be added regularly so you can see what your child will be learning for the upcoming week.

How will you grade students who do NOT participate in online lessons/work? Do they receive a failing grade?

We want all students to continue to learn and grow while school buildings are closed. It’s important for all students to participate in the Digital Learning Plan so they can continue to learn and enhance their skills. Regular participation and completion of coursework is required to receive grades and class credit, just as it would be if schools were open. If you are having challenges with having your child participate, please contact your child’s principal or teachers for support. More details will be shared when available.

Is it true the grades can only help raise their grade and not cause kids to fail?

Students are not guaranteed a passing grade. Students’ final grades will be the average of three terms (the current digital learning plan is a continuation of the 3rd term). Students are expected to participate in the digital learning plan as much as possible and to log in to their student portal each day and complete assignments given by their teachers. Students with poor or failing grades have an opportunity to raise their grades by engaging in digital learning through June 12, if they do not engage in digital learning or if they submit unacceptable work AND the average of Terms 1 and 2 was not a passing average, the student could earn a failing grade for the school year.

Teachers are available to offer assistance to all students as our primary objective is to ensure that our students receive the support needed to be successful. Additionally, we are committed to working with students who have circumstances out of their control, such as no access to internet or extenuating family circumstances that make it a challenge to participate in digital learning.

What should I do if my child is struggling with digital learning?

You should reach out to your child’s teacher, Special Education Compliance Monitor, or principal to communicate your concerns. For additional support, you can also call the District’s COVID-19 hotline.

Hotlines in multiple languages operate Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m to answer general questions in the native languages of the many families we serve.

215-400-5300 – English
215-400-8489 – Spanish
215-400-8480 – Albanian
215-400-8481 – Arabic
215-400-8482 – Chinese
215-400-8483 – French
215-400-8484 – Khmer
215-400-8474 – Portuguese
215-400-8485 – Russian
215-400-8486 – Vietnamese
You can also email your questions to

Are the Learning Guides mandatory?

No. The learning guides are optional, for personal use, and to keep students engaged in learning. They will not be graded and no child will receive extra credit for completing them.

How can I access the Learning Guides?

All of the Learning Guides are available online at Just click the link in the red banner at the top of the page. Paper copies of English Language Arts and math Learning Guides are also available at every School District grab-and-go meal distribution site. Unfortunately, science and social studies guides have copyright considerations that we are currently evaluating.

Each LG includes activities that will engage students for 10 days. The next set of guides will be available online on Wednesday, March 25, and at meal pick-up sites beginning Thursday, March 26.

Will Learning Guides be made available in languages other than English?

While Learning Guides are not available in print in multiple languages, parents and caretakers of students needing help with translations can be connected with an interpreter by leaving a call back number with the District Hotline staff.

What if my child has an IEP?

Students with IEPs will have opportunities to engage through support of teachers, related-services staff, and families, as well as have access to the communication support devices that align with their IEP. They will be able to access and benefit from instruction via the Chromebooks, digital classroom experiences, and communication with teachers and other school staff as feasible. Special education teachers will continue to engage parents in IEP meetings, parent meetings and otherwise support students in remote learning.

If your child has an IEP, you can also use the Learning Guides as a resource. Phase II Learning Guides and resources are also currently available (online and in print form at the District’s 49 meal distribution sites) to support the learning needs of English Language Learners and students with IEPs.

More resources are available at and or via the District hotlines.

How do I access the Special Education resources for the Digital Learning plan

You can access the Special Education resources here:

If there are specific questions related to your child’s IEP please reach out to your school’s SPED Case Manager.

How are service providers providing tele-support services for students?

Tele-support services are planned instructional support activities provided to students (who receieve related services) and families via various virtual platforms, including Google Classrooms and Google Meet, email and/or phone in order to support distance learning. Related service providers provide additional supports, consultation and resources.

Are there resources available for students who get speech and occupational therapy at school?

Yes. Resources for all students with special needs, including those with speech and occupational therapy needs, are available on the district’s Digital Learning website at and on the Learning Guides webpage at Teachers are also available to provide remote learning support for students.

Are there resources available for students with autism?

Yes. Resources for all students with special needs, including those with autism, are available on the District’s Digital Learning website at and on the Learning Guides website at

How will this affect Head Start programming?

All preK and childcare programs, including Head Start, are closed while all other District schools are closed. Teachers in District-operated preK programs are regularly reaching out to preK families to ensure those families are aware of services and supports that are available, including grab & go meals.

How do preK families NOT in an SDP school get resources for our kids?

All of the District’s Digital Learning Plan resources, including this Early Childhood Parent Toolkit, are available to the public. Please find additional resources at

What if I have general questions about the Digital Learning Plan, Learning Guides or the closure overall?

Hotlines in multiple languages operate Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m to answer general questions in the native languages of the many families we serve.

  • 215-400-5300 – English
  • 215-400-8489 – Spanish
  • 215-400-8480 – Albanian
  • 215-400-8481 – Arabic
  • 215-400-8482 – Chinese
  • 215-400-8483 – French
  • 215-400-8484 – Khmer
  • 215-400-8474 – Portuguese
  • 215-400-8485 – Russian
  • 215-400-8486 – Vietnamese

You can also email your questions to

What summer programming is offered this year?

There are 10+ programs offered to students in grades K-12 by the School District this summer. Please consult the parent guide [link coming shortly] for more information about which program best fits your student’s needs and eligibility in order to register.

How can I get a Chromebook for my child(ren)?

Individual schools are no longer distributing Chromebooks. If you still need one, there are two centers still operating during specific days and times. See the content above for details.

What can I do if I missed the opportunity to pick up a Chromebook formy K-12 District student at my child’s school?

Beginning Monday, April 20th the District is operating two Parent & Family Technology Support Centers where Chromebooks can be picked up or delivered for repair or troubleshooting. Hours are changing as the remaining need goes down. See hours above.

  • SDP Administration Building – 440 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19130
  • Fitzpatrick Elementary School Annex (behind Fitzpatrick Elementary School) – 4101 Chalfont Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19154

Parents or guardians must bring some form(s) of identification to help us in verifying their student’s identity. High School students should bring their official School District ID badge. More info is HERE.

If I have multiple children, will I get a device for each child?

Yes. Each K-12 student who is enrolled in a District school and needs a device for learning at home will receive one. If you are fortunate and have computer and internet access at home to meet your child’s online learning needs, we ask that you please reserve this program for those who do not.

What are the options for internet access?

In addition to providing Chromebooks, the District continues to work with the City to create a comprehensive list of low-cost Internet options or access to free WiFi mobile hotspots across the City. The list, and more information about getting connected can be found HERE.

For those families who reside in areas of the city where Xfinity WiFi is available, Comcast is making Xfinity WiFi free for everyone – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, visit

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology has made available a similar listing of options HERE.

Can remote learning be done on an iPad or tablet?

Yes. Students and families can use any device that can provide access to Google classroom, access to a microphone and camera, and a keyboard. Resources for using various devices can be found here.

Are resources available to help students and families use their Chromebooks and other devices for remote learning?

Yes. Instructional steppers (and translations) can be found at

What accessibility features are available to support students in using their Chromebooks?

A full list of accessibility featured for Google G-suite, including Google Chrome and Chromebooks, can be found here.

What if I my Chromebook is damaged or not working properly? What if I have questions about how to use my Chromebook?

Any questions about Chromebooks should be directed to our Parent & Family Technology Support hotline:
T: 215-400-4444
F: 215-400-4445
You can also email your questions to

What are the safety guidelines for the distribution of Chromebooks?

All School District and City personnel involved in the distribution of Chromebooks are volunteers. They will follow strict safety guidelines designed to ensure the health and well-being of our staff, students and families.

These safety guidelines include:

  • wearing gloves and masks
  • remaining six (6) feet apart from all individuals as Chromebooks are being prepared, organized and distributed
  • wiping down all surfaces before and after contact: Chromebooks, tables, pens, devices, door handles etc.
  • where possible, use of disposable pens for one-time use, and clipboards to support social distance while forms are completed
  • walkup options are offered with minimal contact involved, and where possible, drive-up  options offered

Will Pre-K families receive Chromebooks as well?

No. The official recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics is that children between the ages of 2 and 5 limit all screen use (inclusive of tablets, laptops, television, and ebooks) to a maximum of one hour per day, and even that screen time should be focused on high-quality programming that is co-viewed/operated with parents who can help children understand what they are seeing and how it applies to the world around them.

The Academy even cautions against over-reliance on digital ebooks for young children at this age without adult oversight:

“Digital books (also called “eBooks,” books that can be read on a screen) often come with interactive enhancements that, research suggests, may decrease child comprehension of content or parent dialogic reading interactions when visual effects are distracting.  Parents should, therefore, be instructed to interact with children during eBook reading, as they would a print book.” — “Media and Young Minds” in Pediatrics: The Official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, Vol. 138, Issue 5; Nov 2016.

Given the above, Pre-K students will not be receiving digital devices through the School District and will not be part of the broader remote/distance learning work that the School District is offering while schools are closed.

Instead, the families of pre-K children in District-operated classrooms will be receiving in the mail, via U.S. Postal Service, a home activity guide consisting of 41 separate activities that focus on a variety of skills across language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, physical motor skills and the arts.  PreK teachers are being asked to connect with families via telephone and other established communication channels (eg Classroom Dojo, Remind App, etc) to support these home learning activities and respond to questions families may have about their child’s development. To the extent that Teacher Assistants are able, they should support the efforts of the PreK teacher.

If a pre-K teacher is unable to contact a family via telephone, the teacher should reach out to her/his assigned Education Field Administrator, who will work with the Pre-K Family Services team to locate the family and re-establish contact.

Why is the effort to provide Chromebooks vital for Philadelphia students?

In Philadelphia, many households have access to in-home computers and internet services to help expand learning for their children beyond the classroom while many still do not.

A 2019 District Survey found that:

  • 45% of students in grades 3-5 have access to the internet from a computer at home
  • 56% of students in grades 6-8 have access to the internet from a computer at home
  • 58% of students in grades 9-12 have access to the internet from a computer at home

Will PSSA tests and Keystone exams that were scheduled for spring 2020 still occur?

No. On March 19, 2020, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) cancelled all PSSA, Keystone and Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA) testing for this school year as a result of COVID-19. You can find the latest information about the effects of cancelling testing on accounting and school reporting at

Will SAT and ACT tests that were scheduled for spring 2020 still occur?

No. SAT and ACT test dates and makeup exam dates are changing rapidly, so be sure to visit and to find the latest information.

My child is on a 504 plan. Is the paperwork that I submitted for my child to use the plan for SAT going to be processed by SDP?

Each District school has been asked to post the remote office hours for the school nurse and the school counselor on their website by the week of April 20th. We ask that you contact your child’s school counselor who will be better prepared to answer student-specific questions.

When will the school year end?

Per the Department of Public Education, there will be no change to the current calendar for the school year. The last day of the 2019-2020 school year is June 12th.

What supports can we expect from our school and our teachers in order to stay on track academically? How can parents get a view into what their children are supposed to be doing?

No digital learning plan can replace the quality of teaching and learning that occurs in a classroom. As we transition to a digital learning plan for the weeks of April 20 and April 27, our teachers will be guided by learning plans with an overview for each grade as well as specific content expectations for new learning. These learning plans will be posted on the District’s website. Some paper copies of the learning guides will continue to be available but we expect that most student learning will occur online at this time. The learning plans will extend through the school closure period as needed.

Are resources available for seniors who need help with college applications or other college & career readiness support?

Yes. Beginning April 20th, college and career readiness coordinators and school counselors will be available via a Google Classroom titled Post-Secondary Readiness. There, students can receive support to further strengthen their readiness to enter college, trade schools and workforce.

Is there a scholarship database for seniors?

Yes. There is a scholarship search database on the College & Career Readiness website here. The website is updated often, as the District learns of new scholarship opportunities. Also, when students log into the Naviance platform (found at the website above) they are able to access additional databases with thousands of scholarship opportunities. For more information about or assistance with Naviance, please click here.

Finally, seniors who have additional questions or would like extra support should call the Senior Hotline at 215-400-4130 or email The hotline operates from 11AM to 1PM Tuesdays through  Thursdays and provides live support to students who are pursuing postsecondary opportunities by connecting them with their school-based counselors, guiding them through college enrollment or application paperwork, and assisting with completing FAFSA applications and/or verification. A language line is available to support non-English speakers.

How will students who attend trade/tech high schools be graded on their skills?

Students participating in Career and Technical Education programs will not be assessed on hands-on skills. Although a critical component of Career and Technical programming is the hands-on training or student performance, it is always conducted under the supervision of a qualified teacher with industry experience in a safe and controlled environment, with industry approved equipment. To promote safety and equity for all students, starting April 20 all students will be able to access enrichment and review assignments online. Starting May 4, 2020, planned instruction based on theory and job readiness skills will begin. Final grades for this marking period will be based on a combination of work that was submitted and approved before schools closed on March 16, and virtual learning assignments provided during the planned instruction phase by their teacher of record.

How is the District grading the 3rd marking period?

We are shifting from 4 marking periods to 3, with the 3rd period open through the end of the school year. This will provide students with more time to gain the content, skills and credit they may have otherwise received in a traditional school year. More detailed information about grading will be shared after Spring Break.

Will there be report card conferences?

No. Because the 3rd marking period is extended until June, we will not have 3rd marking period report cards. Final report cards will be mailed at the end of the year.

How will this affect graduating 8th graders?

All students, including eighth graders, will have the opportunity to participate in the remote learning plan to reinforce prior learning from earlier in the school year and gain new knowledge and skills (in alignment with grade-level standards) with the support of a teacher. Regular participation and completion of coursework should help students remain on track for the next grade level or get back on track if they struggled with coursework earlier in the year. While we are still figuring out what graduation celebrations will look like, eighth graders who participate in the remote learning plan will be prepared to move into ninth grade next year.

When will graduating 8th graders/incoming 9th graders receive information about placement, orientation, sports, etc.?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic school leaders and teachers are singularly focused on implementing the Digital Learning Plan and ensuring students are receiving the education and support they need to finish this year well. Therefore, High Schools will not communicate with incoming 9th graders and their families until this school year has ended. We will provide more information as we near the end of the school year.

Will students have the option of repeating the grades they are in?

We will handle requests on a case-by-case basis as we have done historically. Our Digital Learning Plan will facilitate learning in May and June that is aligned to what would have been covered during the 4th report period. As we plan instruction for the 2020-2021 year, we will also reinforce instructional skills and concepts from the current report period.

How will the District closure and lack of PSSA testing affect my school selection for the 2020-2021 school year?

There are many decisions to be made regarding school selection and we are currently in discussions with school principals. Right now, we know that attendance will not be a criteria for K-12 school selection for SY2020-2021. We will keep you informed as additional decisions are made. If you have a suggestion or idea, please email it to

How will this affect Extended School Year (ESY)?

We continue to plan for 2020 summer programming. Please note that our plans will evolve  as we continue to receive guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the City of Philadelphia.

Are perspective kindergarten parents able to enroll online while schools are out?

Yes. We encourage all prospective kindergarten families to complete registration online by going to and follow the step-by-step instructions. Online kindergarten registration can be completed on a computer, smartphone, or mobile device.  In person registration will resume once schools have re-opened.

Will the School District be required to make up missed days as a result of the closure?

No. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has decided it will not penalize districts that do not meet the required minimum number of instructional days or hours this school year due to COVID-19 response efforts. As the situation evolves, we will share any updates we have on what our calendar will look like for the remainder of the year.

Will graduations and proms still take place?

We realize importance of milestone ceremonies for students & families. So far, there is no formal decision on graduation ceremonies. We are working closely with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to continually monitor the COVID-19 situation and determine any additional steps we should take as graduation time draws closer. In the meantime, we are actively looking at what other districts and universities that have cancelled graduations are doing to support graduating students and their families, and exploring options in the event cancellation becomes necessary for our School District.

Traditional proms are cancelled for this year.

Will diplomas be mailed IF graduation ceremonies do not occur?

The School District of Philadelphia is committed to ensuring that all graduating seniors receive their diplomas, whether or not traditional graduation ceremonies are able to be held in June.

Should we still pay class/graduation/class trip dues? Will dues be refunded?

If you haven’t yet paid these dues, you should not do so. If you paid for items that have been delivered, you will receive those items when it is safe to distribute them. Otherwise, your school’s principal is working with the District’s finance department to determine individual refund amounts. Refunds will be repaid with a check from your school and will be mailed to the address your school has on file for you. If you are worried that this address is incorrect, please contact your school immediately to submit a change of address form.

Because the reimbursement checks will be generated by each school, they cannot be issued until the Mayor and Governor have declared it safe for non-essential travel and our buildings are reopened to staff. We will inform you as soon as that occurs. We have worked with Wells Fargo to ensure that any family who wishes to cash the refund check will be able to do so at a Wells Fargo branch at no charge.

How will kids get their working papers and work permits now that schools are closed indefinitely?

Due to COVID-19, The School District of Philadelphia will be issuing Working Papers at the 440 Education Center through APPOINTMENT ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00am to 2:00pm through a safe and secure process that follows COVID-19 restrictions. Please be aware that everyone is required to wear face coverings and maintain 6-feet distance from others.

Please note:  Working Papers WILL NOT BE REQUIRED for any WorkReady Summer 2020 opportunities.

Click HERE for more info and to make an appointment.

What if I have general questions about the Learning Guides or the closure overall?

Hotlines in multiple languages operate Monday through Thursday mornings from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  to answer general questions in the native languages of many of our families.

  • 215-400-5300 – English
  • 215-400-8489 – Spanish
  • 215-400-8480 – Albanian
  • 215-400-8481 – Arabic
  • 215-400-8482 – Chinese
  • 215-400-8483 – French
  • 215-400-8484 – Khmer
  • 215-400-8474 – Portuguese
  • 215-400-8485 – Russian
  • 215-400-8486 – Vietnamese

You can also email your questions to

How do I serve a legal Complaint/Writ during COVID-19 closures?

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, The School District of Philadelphia’s Office of General Counsel is closed to the public and our staff are working remotely. For information on service of legal complaints/writs during Covid-19 closures, please go here.

Who is receiving concerns about issues with District buildings at this time?

Please email with any issues or concerns with District buildings.

How can I volunteer to help?

Those interested in volunteering should contact the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service by visiting There you will find opportunities with nonprofits that are providing critical services.

How do I talk to my children about coronavirus if they are showing signs of stress?

With so much information being shared about coronavirus, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. These and other resources are available in the Resources section of the School District website at to help you talk to your child about coronavirus and manage any stress you or your loved ones may be feeling:

Do you know of any health insurance programs for school-age children?

If your children need health insurance, either because they never had it or because your benefits have changed during the COVID crisis, our partners at PCCY can help you apply. Click HERE for information.