About Us

Our Mission

To support the coordination and implementation of all federal programs through collaboration and consultation with various offices within the School District of Philadelphia (SDP), the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and other stakeholders in the Philadelphia community. The OFP also coordinates an annual Monitoring Visit by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

To make all grant programs as successful as possible by providing technical and managerial support grant program personnel. The OFP performs comprehensive program reviews that gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs. We look at the design and implementation of grants, review rule compliance, and, most importantly, monitor achievement in all our programs. Our careful scrutiny provides senior management and programs personnel real-time feedback on changes to implement / maintain to ensure best performance.

Our Goals

  • Coordinate with District offices utilizing federal funds to compile and submit the applications to PDE and to provide the United States Department of Education (USDE) and PDE with all required data to acquire and maintain the funding necessary to support the District’s education goals.
  • Provide general federal program guidance and support to ensure effective program management, compliance in the first instance, and to generate analysis, recommendations and options for senior management.
  • Provide technical assistance, analysis and interpretation of the governing regulations regarding federally funded programs.
  • Provide support and guidance to schools with issues related to Federal funding which will help schools and students to achieve at high levels.
  • Increase parental involvement and parents’ capacity to increase their childrens’ academic achievement through ongoing workshops and presentations that educate parents on various topics related to the Every Student Succeeds Act.