About Us

Our Mission

Implement an effective grant managerial control system to improve compliance and maintain a “culture of accountability” accepted by staff at all levels of the organization through a structure that rewards management excellence, provides the greatest flexibility in the use of federal funds, provides ongoing support to those that need it, and facilitates the elimination of systemic risks.

 Our Goals

Create and implement formal accountability systems to continuously monitor compliance performance, to improve the rate at which federal funds are used in schools, and assess when supports and interventions are required and provide that support
Identify systemic weaknesses and participate in their solutions
Reduce the instances of material non-compliance

What We Do

Spending federal dollars requires more effort than spending state and local money. There are federal requirements surrounding the nature of the expense (i.e.: Is it consistent with the grant award, etc.), and specific requirements must be met to determine allotment. Additionally, you will be required to provide the proper documentation to support your expenses. Please review our options to best serve your needs. We are here to help you.

We can:

  • Assess the situation and direct you to the optimal person for help.
  • Help you with ideas of what to spend your dollars on.
  • Schedule reminders of your budget balance, and can provide that information on request.
  • Help you fill out the forms and paperwork.
  • Assist in the employee sign-in and sign-out process for professional development and extra-curricular activities.
  • Help you enter orders into the Oracle ERP system.
  • Be the point of contact for most issues, and if we cannot help you directly, we will connect you with the person or office that can.

If you are a school or central office, you have an assigned Grant Compliance Monitor. Please contact your Grant Compliance Monitor for direct assistance using the contact us page.