Grant Oversight Committee

The Committee is comprised of representatives from all major District offices that are in involved in grant-funded activities.

Meetings are held every two weeks, on Tuesdays. The Committee reviews all major grant opportunities to make strategics decisions on leading applications, as well as ensure partnerships are appropriate and beneficial to its students and schools to best support Action Plan 3.0. Decisions are made on a census of the group. If a opportunity or partnership is selected, the committee designates an administrative unit within the District — a specific central office, region, or school — to serve as primary manager of the program for which funding will be sought, and provides guidance with respect to how the program focus should be defined.

The Grant Oversight Committee reviews the three types of Intent to Apply forms to decide if partnerships are appropriate and beneficial to our students and schools. For more information on these forms, please refer to the How to Apply page.

In addition, the Committee is the vehicle through which cross-cutting grant development and compliance issues having a District-wide impact are addressed.

  • To be included on a meeting agenda, you must submit your form no later than noon on the Friday before the Tuesday meeting.
  • If you are submitting the Outside Entity form, please also take into account that your submission must be provided 3 weeks before your grant is due.
  • If there is a specific meeting date on which you want your form reviewed, please contact us to verify the date.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a meeting due to unexpected circumstances.

Upcoming Meeting Dates listed on our Calendar