Our Mission

To assist School District of Philadelphia offices and schools as they seek grants and other funding to further their educational missions; to identify and share appropriate funding sources for the betterment of the District; to help the District’s grant seekers compete in a competitive environment; to serve as a communication link between grant seekers and funders, facilitating successful relationships.

Our Vision

The Office of Grant Development continually works towards District-wide funding equity, meaning every school has the resources necessary to support and increase student achievement.

Communication and Collaboration

The OGD team is your communication link within the District and among outside partners when you’re applying for grants. We’ve found that when our office talks to and collaborates with grant seekers, the outcomes are more successful. This also guards against duplication of applications.

We’re also well-versed in District policies concerning grants. We’ll let you know when the School Board, the Superintendent and/or all other appropriate District leaders need to weigh in on your proposal — always when the grant being sought is over $100,000 — and help you get the proper approvals.

Grant Writing/Technical Assistance

OGD’s grant writers work with District staff and teachers to produce well-written and complete grant applications. The OGD is a one-stop grant-writing-shop. First we’ll help your school or department find an appropriate funding source. Then we’ll review and edit your proposals and handle the technical side — compiling necessary demographic information and obtaining authorized signatures — before submitting the application. We’ll stay in communication with any possible funders during the selection process and, if the grant is awarded, we’ll help create a budget with the the Office of Grant Fiscal Services and develop evaluation plans with the Office of Research and Evaluation. Click here to contact us.

Professional Development

OGD offers grant-writing workshops for teachers, administrators, parents and community members upon request. No prior experience in grant writing is necessary. Click here to send a request for for a session.


OGD is constantly looking for grant funding opportunities for district offices, schools and nonprofit partners. The Guide to Fundraising and Grantwriting for Schools is an up-to-date primer with advice on how to secure funding that meet your school’s needs and when an application requires coordination with Central Office departments.