Do you have a specific project in mind?

No? That’s ok – we can help you come up with cool ideas. Fill out the form on our contact page and tell us what you’re interested in talking about and we’ll get back to you.

Yes? Great. Let’s get started.

First, let’s get into some background. We have a Project Idea worksheet we’d like you to look at, and have answers ready for, as we move into this process.

Step 1

Are you looking for a grant for this project, or is the answer actually fundraising? Sometimes you start with one and move on to the other – read below for a very topline overview but you’ll want to discuss most of this with us when you come to our workshop.

Fundraising: Typically smaller projects that can be turned over quickly.
Types of Projects: Classroom materials, attendance incentives, field trips etc.

Grants: Usually for a larger dollar amount (ie over $5,000), projects that involve more of mission or an ongoing program.
Types of Projects: After-school programs, technology and library enhancements.

You’ll see we don’t list playgrounds or green roofs – the place to start for those kinds of projects is actually in our Capital Programs office. They know the answers to things like whether it’s feasible to have a playground at your school, or they might already have you on a list of pending playgrounds. But eventually, a mix of fundraising and grant seeking is likely what you’ll seek.

Where Does My Project Fit? Use this handy reference chart to see whether you should pursue grants vs. fundraising or other options.

Still not sure if you’re a candidate for fundraising or a grant? Take our Project Development (otherwise known as “Grants 101”) Workshop to learn more about the different ways to gather money for your project. We recommend this for all applicants as a great starting point. Our calendar lists the upcoming workshops.

NOTE: If you are a teacher or school based-staff, you can sign up for our PD on Cornerstone for ACT 48 credits. If you are a parent or guardian, you can sign up for our FACT Academy courses through FACE.

If you’re headed down the fundraising path, we have two workshops to offer to help you understand how to effectively raise money:

A. Basics of Fundraising
Start a campaign with your HSA. Develop your fundraising plan & marketing materials, including an “ask letter”, “brochure”, “thank you letter”, & list of potential donors.

View our Calendar to plan for the next Basics workshop. Online materials coming soon.

B. Basics of Crowdfunding
Learn about the 2 district-approved crowdfunding sites, DonorsChoose and Philly FUNDamentals. We can help teachers and principals get started on their projects.

View our Calendar to plan for the next Crowdfunding workshop. Online materials coming.

After you’ve completed the workshops, we will continue to support you by reviewing your materials, helping you promote your project via social media, and helping you connect with the appropriate people at the District.

If grants are the way to go:

  1. Do your research. Start by reviewing our monthly newsletter. All of these opportunities are carefully vetted by our district grant writers.
  2. Really flush out your project. This Project Idea worksheet will guide you.
  3. Take one of our workshops, and work with us to get advice and direction on best practices for finding and filling out grants.
    1. Basics of Grant Writing: Take the Project Idea worksheet and translate it into a working proposal.
    2. Proposal Workshop: Work with our team to research and select the right grant for your project and modify your general proposal for that specific grant.
  4. Write the grant!
  5. Spend wisely – There are rules to adhere to so you don’t lose the money. We’ll help you stay on track.