Non-Profits & Outside Entities

Establishing a relationship with the District and the Office of Grant Development can only be beneficial to all parties. In some cases, such a relationship is required. For example, if you’re raising money for a school’s capital improvements or for a program that will directly involve our students, you must have a legal agreement with the District.

But even if your project doesn’t require contacting the Office of Grant Development, why not take advantage of our experience and best practice information? If your group is raising money for an after-school sports program, for example, the team at the OGD may know of existing opportunities and will be able to share grant-writing best practices. We’ll also be able to connect you, for example, with the appropriate Office (in this example, the Office of Athletics) for additional support.

For more information please contact our department to discuss your proposal.

Ready to get started?

Step 1

We ask all potential partners to start by filling out the Intent to Apply form, linked below. That helps us understand your project, and bring it in front of a Committee of the right people to help make the decision to work with you and what that will entail. Please fill it out, hit submit, and we will get back to you after our next scheduled committee meeting.

Outside Entity Intent to Apply for Grant Funding/Request for Letter of Support
Note: You must complete this form at least three weeks before the grant deadline.

If we are able to work with you on your project, we will let you know by email or phone call and work out next steps.

Note: Any organization seeking to take part in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) needs this support letter from the District. You are welcome to include a draft of your desired letter when you fill out the request form. Though we can provide this support letter, the District is not responsible for and cannot advise you on DCED EITC reports and other requirements. Please remember to review the PA DCED EITC guidelines.

EITC Eligibility Support Letter Request


To learn more about the Grant Oversight Committee.

If your project involves research, data collection etc, please review the process of getting approved to do research.