Student Activity Funds: The Office of General Accounting has a detailed guide about creating and managing Student Activity Fund accounts. This information is also available in our “Guide to Fundraising and Grantwriting For Schools.” You can also call the Office of General Accounting’s helpline for guidance at 215-400-4520 or contact your Accounting and Compliance Control Monitor (ACCM).

Summary Guidance: Principals should approve all school-based fundraising activities. Fundraising activities must have a clearly stated purpose and serve a specific project. All funds raised must be used to benefit students. There is a limit of $5,000 per donor per activity. These funds should be deposited in the school’s Student Activity Fund account. A record of fundraising activities must be maintained for future review by the Office of General Accounting.

Quick Reference:

  • Grants more than $100,000: An Intent-to-Apply form must be submitted to the Grant Oversight Committee, chaired by OGD. The Committee is comprised of representatives from all central offices involved in grant-funded activities, and generally meets every two weeks. The committee ensures that grant applications don’t cross-purposes with other initiatives and that adequate supports are in place for all school-based grants. Be prepared to submit a resolution for acceptance of funds to the School Reform Commission (SRC).
  • Grants more than $5,000 or if District employees or consultants are paid: These grant funds must be deposited at central office and accessed via the Advantage System.
  • Grants $5,000 and under: These grant funds must be deposited into your Student Activity Fund. Funds in this account must benefit the students in your school.