We believe that every child can learn, every school can be great, and every school can be green.

Our Vision

To provide students with equitable access to a well-resourced, clean, comfortable, healthy, and safe environment conducive to teaching and learning, close to where they live.

The School District of Philadelphia is the largest public school system in Pennsylvania with more than 140,000 students, 300 buildings, and 25 million square feet of building space. The average school building’s age is 70 years.

Our students are diverse with a 51% percent African American and 20% Latino student body population.

Every day, approximately 42,000 students are transported to and from school, where over 57,000 free breakfasts and 92,000 free lunches are served.

This is only possible through constant communication, collaboration and the hard work of many dedicated District educators, administrative staff and community partners.