Healthy Schools, Healthy Living

On average, students spend over 900 hours per year in school buildings. The District is committed to providing students and staff with a well-resourced, safe, healthy, clean, comfortable learning and working environment.


Every student will have access to a well-resourced, safe, healthy, clean and comfortable school that is conducive to learning.

Goal and Target

Every school will be healthy. Thirty schools per year will receive a healthy schools baseline report.

Drinking Water Quality, Access and Appeal

Evidence shows that students drink water at school if they know it is safe.

Check out the School District’s Drinking water program.

Healthy Food and Nutrition

The District’s Nutrition Education and School Food programs.

Supporting healthy eating habits from the classroom to the cafeteria.

Indoor Environmental Program

The Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program routinely assesses and monitors school buildings for IEQ parameters in order to improve the quality of our indoor spaces.

Active Transportation

Staying active while reducing our carbon footprint!

This section is under construction as we are still building our program!