Aspiring Principals’ Academy

The Aspiring Principals’ Academy is a rigorous program intended for the development of assistant principals. Our aim is to develop leaders ready to step into any role, including in our most complex settings.  To that end, we especially seek candidates excited and driven to lead skills preparing them for Comprehensive High Schools and Neighborhood K-8 schools.  Academy scholars engage in an exhaustive curriculum that is grounded in the School District of Philadelphia’s Leadership Pathway Frameworks. These frameworks clearly define the behaviors and habits of a highly skilled and competent school district principal. Scholars explore, unpack, and undergo a deep reflection process as they internalize and develop the necessary skills and mindsets required to be an effective principal for the School District of Philadelphia.

All content in the Aspiring Principals’ Academy  will be approached with an equity lens. Our two thematic guiding questions are:

  1. What is the impact on our most marginalized students?
  2. As leaders how do we center the experiences of our most marginalized students in both our learning and our leadership approach?