First Year Principals’ Program

The First Year Principals’ Program is designed to promote responsive professional development on topics essential for leaders to forge understanding and knowledge of the leadership role at the school level.

Its purpose is to provide guidance and support to early career or first year principals through the initial period of adjustment as a beginning administrator, and set the foundation for a long and rewarding career as a school leader. The Office of Leadership Development assigns a leadership coach to every first-year principal.

The Office of Leadership Development ensures that content from the First-Year Principals’ Program is aligned to both the Pennsylvania Framework for Leadership and the Leadership Pathway Frameworks (LPF).

Monthly professional development sessions include:

  • guided discussions
  • guest presentations from our experienced leadership coaches
  • sharing of problems of practice, using the consultancy protocol from the School Reform Initiative

Each participant also participates in and receives online access to guided simulated scenarios on a variety of situations principals encounter when leading change.