Posted on May 25, 2021
Categories: Transportation

Freda Grant has been with the School District of Philadelphia for 16 years. She started out as a part-time bus driver and later became an acting dispatcher. After completing her duties as a dispatcher, she was promoted to be an acting street supervisor. Freda says working for the District, and raising three of her children who rode the school bus to get to school prepared her for the role she is in today.

Freda currently serves as the Passyunk Garage Supervisor. As a supervisor, her responsibilities include overseeing the building, facilities, and equipment at the Passyunk Garage. She is required to assign buses and equipment to fit the necessary accommodations needed by the students the District transports. She manages two dispatchers, one mechanic foreman, five mechanics, and 88 bus drivers. She enjoys being able to effectively communicate with staff, faculty, and parents. Freda says her favorite part about her work is that she is able to help children, with the trust of their caretakers, safely and properly get to their destinations.