Posted on July 13, 2021
Categories: Environmental

Megan is the District’s Sustainability Manager. She has been working with the School District of Philadelphia in the Office of Environmental Management Services since 2008. She began her career as an Environmental Scientist, in 2014, she transitioned her focus to develop and manage the District’s Sustainability Program. Megan also manages the Lead in Drinking Water program as well as the reporting, collection, and proper disposal of regulated waste from our schools.

What is our Sustainability Management Program? 
The School District of Philadelphia released its sustainability plan in 2016. It was modeled after the City of Philadelphia’s sustainability plan, Green Works, and the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-School USA program. The plan was created by District staff and stakeholders with a common goal: to make public schools great! This plan aims to make every school a greener school that will better serve our students and communities. The plan is divided into five focus areas: Education for Sustainability, Consumption, and Waste, Energy and Efficiencies, School Greenscapes, and Healthy Schools/Healthy Living. Each of these focus areas has specific goals, targets, metrics, and action items. The focus areas help to organize the overall plan, however, they are interdependent and interconnected.

Over the past five years, our School District has been recognized for its sustainability achievements and has received several awards. The Sustainability Program will be awarded the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) Pioneers in Education Award for our Sustainability Programming and Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance in the fall. This award captures work performed by Capital Programs and the Sustainability Program. The award is based on our plan for teaching why Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is important for each community, and how these projects provide each community with a healthier environment.