Posted on July 13, 2021
Categories: Environmental

The School District established a Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) maintenance program three years ago with support from the William Penn Foundation. Through this program, there are 38 stormwater mitigation sites being maintained on District properties. These systems include rain gardens, green roofs, cisterns, and porous pavements. The School District recognizes the footprint our buildings, lots and other paved surfaces have on stormwater runoff and strives to create green or porous space to help offset that footprint.

Many of our sites were developed in partnership with Parent and Teacher Associations, and “Friends of” groups who were interested in transforming their schoolyard into a greener and engaging area within the school campus. These partners are integral in the success of these sites in the long run. When the community loves their schoolyard, they steward their schoolyard.

The Stormwater Pioneers Program Award is being given in recognition of the District’s holistic approach to stormwater management, maintenance, and classroom connections at the following 13 schools:

  1. Adaire Elementary School
  2. Chester Arthur School
  3. Cramp Elementary School
  4. Dick Elementary School
  5. E.M. Stanton School
  6. Harding Middle School
  7. Lea School
  8. Martin Luther King High School
  9. Mayfair Elementary School
  10. Motivation High School
  11. Patterson School
  12. Southwark School
  13. Taggart Elementary School