Posted on September 8, 2021
Categories: Facilities & Maintenance

Facility Area Coordinator, Network 17

Keith has served the District for 20 years. When he was first hired, he was a Fireman Trainee. In 2016, he was promoted to FAC.

As a product of the School District of Philadelphia, Keith takes pride in providing services to the current students and staff of our public schools. He brings a positive energy to every space that he occupies, because good results come from positive interactions. Keith believes that meeting people where they are lets them know that you are concerned about who they are, and that leads to a better work environment.

Keith is a proud graduate of Overbrook High School.



  • Feltonville Head Start
  • Finletter
  • Franklin ES
  • Howe
  • Lowell
  • T. Marshall
  • Morrisson
  • Olney ES
  • Pennell
  • Prince Hall
  • Wagner