Posted on September 29, 2021
Categories: Facilities & Maintenance

On September 16 Gompers Elementary School was the victim of a serious act of vandalism. Individuals gained access to the interior of the building overnight and carried out various acts of vandalism such as discharging fire extinguishers, breaking glass, and damaging exit signs. In addition hand sanitizer, floor tile mastic, and floor patching compound were spilled and spread throughout the building. The Philadelphia Police Department responded, and immediately after the investigation was completed, cleanup and repairs began.

A crew consisting of District personnel Terrance Rosser, Omar Keese, Kyle Grimes-Lampkins, Joseph Montgomery, Getnet Getnet, Anthony DiCaprio, Clarence King, Mark Capers, and Andrew Bland led by Vernon Palmer and Marcel Allen performed this restoration work. Oz Hill, the Deputy COO, was also on-site to provide support. This crew worked swiftly to complete all repairs and clean-up in a very short amount of time to ensure the building was open for in-person instruction the next day. The Engineering and Custodial staff rose to the task at hand to ensure our students were able to return for in-person instruction without interruption.