Posted on January 25, 2022
Categories: Environmental

Our Environmental teams are making major improvements to the auditoriums in the William Dick School and Fox Chase Elementary. Thanks in part to funding from the University of Pennsylvania, we are able to engage in more “soup-to-nuts” construction projects and take advantage of necessary asbestos work to greatly improve the spaces for the school communities.

Fox Chase

At Fox Chase, we’re clearing out the old ceiling to access ductwork, removing asbestos-containing material, installing new pipe insulation, and putting in a new ceiling with new lighting. While we’re there, we’re also able to clean out and sanitize the fan system to make this 3,300-square-foot space safer and healthier. The $375,000 project started in December and should run for three months.

William Dick

At William Dick, we completed a $450,000 renovation to the 3,200 square-foot auditorium, cleaning the auditorium’s HVAC system of asbestos, and installing a new ceiling and LED lighting, giving an 80-year-old space a healthy, welcoming look for students and staff.