Posted on January 26, 2022
Categories: Capital Programs

The Office of Capital Programs, in conjunction with the Office of Early Childhood, sponsors the Early Literacy Classroom Improvement Program which provides schools with the necessary resources to implement center-based learning practices that focus on children learning at their level.

The program was implemented in 2016 and targets classrooms for grades pre-k through 3, including special education rooms. It includes new flooring, ceilings, painting of the walls, lighting, classroom bathrooms upgrade, casework, window shades, and abatement of environmental hazards. Power and data supplies to the rooms are brought up to the standard of new schools. After renovations, each room is equipped with an Interactive White Board, a charging station, new iPads, new furnishings and storage, new marker and tack boards, and new educational manipulatives. Teachers attend professional development sessions to help them in implementing the new teaching practices.

Construction occurs during the summer break for the students and staff to return to reinvigorated and contemporary educational spaces.