Posted on February 28, 2022
Categories: Transportation

This month we are featuring two District bus garage fleet Maintenance teams! The Garage locations are responsible for dispatching school buses, fleet maintenance, driver training, and the District-wide mail delivery system. These fleet Maintenace teams are made up of individuals who maintain their professionalism and possess an outstanding work ethic. They give their best effort to go above and beyond to ensure our buses are operable every day, regardless of road and weather conditions. This winter, the Philadelphia area has experienced extremely cold temperatures, snowfall, and icy road conditions. The fleet Maintenance teams have been nothing but consistent with snow removal throughout, ensuring the safety of students, and bus staff during inclement weather days.

Shallcross Garage (Pictured above, right to left): Steve K., Rodger S., Ricardo., William U., and Flex S.
Passyunk Garage (Pictured below, right to left): Reggie V., Reggie T., Jensen C., Rob R., Chrisian V., Carlton T., and Kaven A.