Posted on February 28, 2023
Categories: Operations

The District understands the importance of mental health when dealing with a variety of issues that come up in our day-to-day lives. In addition to Lyra Health, we now offer Kooth. Introduced earlier this month, Kooth is an online mental health and well-being platform created for young people. It is a safe community where high school students can access professional counseling, peer-to-peer support, and vital self-help tools. Students and families received specific instructions on how to sign up and access Kooth resources, and we encourage you to review the resources available.

While Kooth is for the benefit of our students, District employees still have access to a mental health benefit in partnership with Lyra Health. Lyra uses several confidential support options, including therapy, coaching, and unlimited access to self-care apps to help navigate mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, and more. Getting started is easy:

  • Register at
  • Complete a brief wellness questionnaire to receive personalized care recommendations
  • Review high-quality coaches and therapists matched to your needs
  • Book an appointment in person or via video as early as the next day, or tap into self-care apps
  • To learn more about Lyra Health, call 877-353-0097.