Posted on August 30, 2023
Categories: Operations

An Operations Division Command and Communications (C2) Center was established last Summer, in 2022, to support the opening of School Year 2022 – 2023. This year, the C2 was up and running again to support school opening in 2023!

The C2 Center is designed to enhance situational awareness about operational issues, primarily in the areas of Facilities, Maintenance, Transportation Services, and Food Services, to bolster efficiencies in addressing and resolving issues throughout the District during the initial two weeks of this school year. The C2 Center was operational from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., when the last student Transportation Services is responsible for transporting is dropped off.

A key element of the enhanced situational awareness and greater efficiencies in responding to issues across and the depth and breadth of the Operations Division’s workstream in support of this year’s school opening is the collaboration with the Office of Communications, Office of Safety, Office of Schools, and IT Department. The detailed tracking of issues, monitoring of our collective progress in addressing issues, and timely information sharing between SDP departments resulted in the increased capacity to respond to issues efficiently to create welcoming facilities, predictable transportation services, and nutritious and tasty meals.

The Operations Division’s Command and Communications Center’s success results from planning, preparation, coordination, and collaboration by a corps of talented professionals and SDP teams.