Posted on November 28, 2023
Categories: Transportation

It’s time to introduce the new Transportation Director of the Year, Teresa Fleming, Executive Director of Transportation Services at the School District of Philadelphia! Learn more about Fleming’s story and how she manages the transportation of 23,000 students to and from school every day while also providing equitable access.

Employee recognition can fall by the wayside, especially in a large school district. But not at the School District of Philadelphia! While visiting Teresa Fleming, the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the District, for an article on her 2023 Transportation Director of the Year Award, the Operations Division hosted its weekly staff meeting. Staff members shared their weekly updates on their initiatives. It was also where School Transportation News presented Fleming with her award. She will also be recognized publicly in Frisco, Texas, at the Transporting Students with Disabilities (TSD) and Special Needs conference later this month.

The Operations Division also takes time on the last Thursday of every month to recognize employees. Directors select an outstanding employee to recognize and present them with a certificate, thanking them for their hard work. Each director shares stories of each individual and why they stood out for that month. The operations team also recognizes those who are retiring at this meeting.

Oz Hill, Philly’s Chief Operating Officer, and Fleming’s direct supervisor, addresses each recognized employee and thanks them for their dedication and contribution to the team. The district prioritizes building relationships around each other and celebrating accomplishments.


CREDIT: School Transportation News