What are Your Priorities for Public Education?

Posted on March 12, 2021
Categories: Blog, Insights with the Board

The Board of Education wants every school to be a safe, welcoming and healthy place where our students, staff and community want to be and where our students learn, thrive and succeed! What investments should we prioritize to make this happen?

We invite you to share your ideas with the Board on Thursday, March 18, at 5 p.m, during a public hearing, devoted entirely to public testimony. You may share comments live or in writing about the education issues you care about. For instance, if you have been thinking about important issues, such as the ones listed below embodied in Goals & Guardrails, we would love to hear your suggestions for improving public education.

Our students must return to our school buildings. How should we prioritize and support students in a safe return to school buildings?

Every student should have a well-rounded education with co-curricular opportunities, including arts and athletics, in their school experience. What should we prioritize to make this happen?

Every parent and guardian should be welcomed and encouraged to be partners in their child’s school community. How can we ensure this happens?

Our students’ potential should not be limited by practices that perpetuate systemic racism and hinder student achievement. How can we dismantle racist practices in a system that’s often been unfunded and unchanged?

If you would like to speak at the hearing, please register to speak here if you are an adult. Students may register to speak here. All speakers will be given 3 minutes to share their testimony.

You may view the hearing via live stream here or watch it live on Comcast Channel 52 and Verizon FIOS Channel 20. The hearing will also be recorded and posted later on the School District’s website.

If you can’t attend this public hearing, please join the Board at the next one on May 20, 2021, or attend the next Board Meeting on March 25, 2021, and share your thoughts, questions and concerns with the Board. You can also send questions on Board action items directly to the Board President who will share answers on action meeting agendas. For the details, visit our webpage here.